Smooth Jayy

weaponizing my pain,

tears hide through the rain,

love lost never gained,

all I did now just in vain,

longing for a remedy,

in this cold vicinity,

losing my agility,

not using my ability,

been feeling berated and isolated,

at times hated and unappreciated,

if it costs to make me feel agitated,

who knew you would be so obligated…



how long does it take?

in need of a break,

too many mistakes,

can i start over?

i ask the Lord for a sign,

how could i be so blind?

been wondering is it my time,

really been losing my mind.

unappreciated and overlooked,

they forgot i’m the one who wrote the book,

when the tables gon turn?

have all my bridges done burn?

i really gave it my all,

i remember the days you would call,

picked you up when you’d fall,

yet you aimed to make me feel small,

i’m appreciating the journey,

removing the haters no mercy,

one day your love will no longer hurt me,

hopefully one day to the Lord i am worthy.



Working hard for my dream, must keep it to myself cause not everyone is who they seem.

Many days I was enraged trying to understand why I couldn’t put my thoughts on the page.

Lately I haven’t been feeling no one, my heart, pandemic and too much sun.

Been praying so long that my knees could bleed.

But all I can do is trust and believe.

It feels so good to relieve the truth, I pray it helps someone get through.

Must forget how tired and stressed I am, because I know how blessed I am.

Letting go of pride, only making room for what’s mine, I know it is my time.

I will shine forever, I’m like a light, won’t give up this fight I will do what’s right it’s now or never..



Smooth Jayy

Smooth Jayy

God Fearing Young-Adult Writer/Poet. My work consists of Passion, purpose and patience. Put your hands on these words and feel what I’m saying.