New Beginnings is sometimes disguised as painful endings! (Year 22)

As I embark on the final days of my 21st year, I think about all I have learned, all I have accomplished, all I have lost and all I have gained. The women I have encountered, the friendships I’ve lost, the brotherhood I have fostered and the self love I have mastered. We never know what the future holds or who is to depart from us. All we know is that we have twenty four hours in a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year to make it happen and I believe I have done so.

I took a leap of faith this year and bet on myself in every aspect. A lot of so called “friends” and “family” showed their true colors this year and how they really feel about me. I needed every bit of it because now I know who to separate myself from, and who will support me when the going gets tough. It was hard for me to see at first but then I knew that in order for me to succeed I had to let go of what I wanted so I would have room for what I need.

For so long I thought that being a good man and always being positive would mean that everything would work in my favor. But this year alone taught me that you have to be strong when it comes to your heart and what you believe in. It’s a minimal of people who really want to see you win. Become so devoted to your craft that it makes you uncomfortable when you see someone who isn’t.

Those are who you don’t want in your life. Your circle is a testament to who you want to become. Choose your partner wisely, the woman or man you choose shows how much you truly love yourself. What you allow and tolerate will either enlighten or destroy you if you’re not careful. I’m truly excited for year twenty two and all it has to offer. I pray that God continues to keep working on me and that I never lose sight of him as for he is the reason I am who I am today.

I want to thank everyone who genuinely supports me and looks out for me even if we don’t speak everyday. I hope that everyone who believes in me gets on me if they ever see me slack off and that we continue to get better each and every day. God bless you all and let’s finish this year strong !



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Smooth Jayy

Smooth Jayy

God Fearing Young-Adult Writer/Poet. My work consists of Passion, purpose and patience. Put your hands on these words and feel what I’m saying.