Letting go of the wants to make room for my needs, watching every move that I make that could plant a seed, mistaken my kindness as weakness so I’m removing my deeds, faking that you spiritual cause you do a couple of reads.

Gave you the best of me but won’t let you take the rest of me, they don’t show any love till they screaming rest in peace, belittled the black sheep till he became a beast, putting the haters on a platter like a thanksgiving feast.

The truth hurts but your love was worse, pretending that you was down when really it was all rehearsed, I bet you suffer if it was all reversed, taught me the real reason why I must always put myself first.

I gave you everything you didn’t deserve, theirs more to being a queen then having a couple curves, the only thing you were good for was getting on my nerves.

You’re really a fraud and the truth will always prevail, you thought I wouldn’t catch all your dirt when your makeup always leaves a trail.

Preaching positivity but you always showed the opposite, gave me the bare minimum but expected me to give you a rocket ship, you were never really worth my love or a deposit slip, it’s time to let you go…apocalypse.



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Smooth Jayy

Smooth Jayy

God Fearing Young-Adult Writer/Poet. My work consists of Passion, purpose and patience. Put your hands on these words and feel what I’m saying.