Letting go of the wants to make room for my needs, watching every move that I make that could plant a seed, mistaken my kindness as weakness so I’m removing my deeds, faking that you spiritual cause you do a couple of reads.

Gave you the best of me but won’t let you take the rest of me, they don’t show any love till they screaming rest in peace, belittled the black sheep till he became a beast, putting the haters on a platter like a thanksgiving feast.

The truth hurts but your love was worse, pretending that you was…

You have to prepare yourself for everything. At any given time someone can betray you and what you do with that betrayal will be what defines you. Learn to let go of what you’re afraid to lose.

Unfortunately they will always hold you accountable for the treacherous conditions they put you in and expect you to not lose yourself. You have to be strong, you have to stay committed. Committed to God, your craft and yourself. Remove yourself from anyone who causes confusion and chaos in your life.

Take everything personal. The way this world is headed everyone is very…

As I embark on the final days of my 21st year, I think about all I have learned, all I have accomplished, all I have lost and all I have gained. The women I have encountered, the friendships I’ve lost, the brotherhood I have fostered and the self love I have mastered. We never know what the future holds or who is to depart from us. …

You spent all that time in the library but still have yet to learn not to judge a book by its cover. I’m slicing every “frenemy” that was a friend to me till my enemies are no longer one another..

Found myself stuck in gaze, heart racing through a maze, thought it was a couple of hours, found out it was a couple of days..

Temptations treat staring me right in the face, got angels all around me to resist the taste, feeling weak in the knees as I Jordan palmed her waste, wishing I could unsee the look of…

Dear Kobe it’s been a full year since you passed and honestly it still feels so surreal. My grind, my competitiveness, my passion came from watching you devote your life to your craft. The countless hours, the precision and focus, the sacrifices. You embodied more than the average and you worked as if you weren’t one of the elites. Your very words helped me in my darkest hour. You inspired me to give my all and never feel ashamed for doing so. To always do what I love, and love what I do. Finding the solution within the struggle and grasping knowledge from all aspects of life. Unfortunately your life was cut short at out expense, but God had other plans for you. Thank you for everything you left behind to us all and I pray that we can become the greatest version of ourselves as you did!

It could have all been so simple, but I didn’t play my cards right. Put to much pressure on the situation now it’s choking… it’s feeling tight.

Can’t lose my grip, I’m holding onto my vision. I’m shooting all these shots but when it comes to you I’m always missing.

Remembering the good old days and those long nights, we would talk about life and all those high school fights.

I didn’t know that it was all for nothing, you took the heart out of me like the turkey without the stuffing.

You still would cross my mind like everyday…

You been hurt. You been taken advantage of. You been lost. But you’re here. You could have given up but you’re still here. So you know as well as I…

Me to Me

Remain strong because the pain is not meant to last. Remain strong even though what you thought would be your future is now your past. You’ve endured…

Smooth Jayy

God Fearing Young-Adult Writer/Poet. My work consists of Passion, purpose and patience. Put your hands on these words and feel what I’m saying.

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